Monday, March 19, 2012

We had a great day today at Gleaners Food Bank. We spent
most of our time today sorting hair care items. So why is this important? If Gleaners clients have trouble providing the food their family needs to survive, then one has to believe that hair care may also be an issue!

We sorted about 5000 pounds of items, that is 2 1/2 tons of stuff. Everyone in the group worked really hard, and I was very pleased with how much we got done. The Gleaners sta
ff was great and were very grateful for all of our hard work.

This evening we went to the Greenleaf Center for Servant Leadership. We discussed the concept of servanthood and how is may apply to the organizations we will work with this week. We had a very nice build-your-own-nachos buffet for dinner. Back at camp we had a short, but good discussion about the day and we are ready for tomorrow!

And so after a long day, time to put our feet up...


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