Monday, March 21, 2011

Group Service Projects

Monday was our first work day. We divided into two separate groups. My group went to Rebuilding The Wall! We worked with Angel and Harry. We spent the morning and afternoon doing two main tasks. Group one consisting of Sam, Sai, Lindsey, Felicity and Megan worked with Harry pulling nails out of lumber. This is important so that the lumber can be reused in other projects or as fire wood. They got through most of a huge stack of wood. Group two consisted of Jake, Charles and Angel. They removed topsoil from part of the site and loaded the pick-up three times and transported the soil to a site for a community garden. At lunch Mary shared her story and the goals of RTW. Over the last 15 years they have purchased properties which are being renovated. RTW's goal is to get people already in the neighborhood into a situation where they can own a home; to date they have placed five community families in their own homes, and have about six projects on-going currently. Many of the clients of RTW are not able to qualify for a Habitat for Humanity house. RTW works with them to prepare them for home ownership. We were also privileged to hear Angel's story, it was really moving and very powerful, it was an honor to have it shared with us. Checkout their website at

In the afternoon we worked in our same teams continuing what we had done in the morning. WE returned in the afternoon to the Jameson Camp and get ready for dinner with Ginny Carroll. Ms. Carroll explained her new foundation the Circle of Sisterhood foundation at While a new organization they have already made their initial grants giving girls in Africa the opportunity to go to school.

When we got back to camp we were all pretty fired up and had a fantastic two hour discussion about what we had seen/learned and felt about the day! Everyone was great about listening and sharing, we have an awesome group. Everyone says HI to Angie & James!!

Tomorrow we head over to the Wheeler Mission. We found this little pirate smurf (above) on the site and he has become our mascot...we need a name, any ideas?

The other group had the opportunity to work with Wheeler Mission.  This group consisted of Katie, Sarah, Aimee, Stephen, Stella, Amanda, Emily, Anna, and Katy.  They were able to visit all three centers of the agency within Indianapolis including the Men's Residential Center, the Lighthouse Center, and the Women and Children Center.  They spent the day learning about the programs offered by the agency, talking with former residents, helping with housekeeping duties within the homeless shelters, serving lunch, playing with the children of the center, and many other things.  Today really showed the students about how shelters are run and taught them about what some outstanding community members are doing to help out as much as they can.  It was quite the inspiring experience that really gave them insight into all the tasks that make an operation run and be successful. Such a great day!

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