Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Group 2

 Katie, Amanda, Emily, Stella, and Anna

Today our group was able to switch with the others and go and help out with Rebuilding the Wall.  The second group consisted of Stephen, Aimee, Sarah, Stella, Amanda, Emily, Anna, Katie and Katy.  We were able to help with such projects as removing nails from boards and shoveling dirt for community gardens. We all found this experience to be very rewarding and definitely time well spent.  We were also able to interact with the staff of RTW and hear about their life experiences and how they came to be a part of such an honorable mission.  Many of the group members even said that they wanted to come back next year to see how their projects had progressed and help with the next phase. We will try and make that happen!

Aimee, Sarah, Stephen, and Katy

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  1. You all LOOK like you're having a great time, so I hope that is indeed the case. It was such a pleasure to see a picture of Harry...we had the privilege of working with him last year, too, at RTW. Nice to see some friendly faces.

    We appreciate the shout out and now that we have a treatment plan in place for James, we are hoping to get back to Eau Claire this weekend, and for my return to work on Tuesday.

    Keep up the great work, and I can't wait to hear all about it when I get back. Safe travels tomorrow!