Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wheeler Mission

Today we went to the Wheeler Mission for Women. After getting a tour and learning about the amazing work this facility does we did some kitchen work and then joined the women for lunch. In the afternoon some of us did trash detail around the building and parking lot and others cleaned showers, washed walls, mopped floors etc. At the end of the day we joined the kids in the day care facility which was a nice and hopeful way to end.

On a more sober note, while were were there one of the residents had a medical emergency. The facility went into near lock down. I happened to be in the lobby as they rushed her to the waiting EMT truck giving her CPR along the way. While I did not recognize her specifically, this was one of the women we ate lunch with and we most likely saw on our tour. It was a good reminder that for the women in this program life is very challenging, always.
Tomorrow we are off to the Gleaner Food Bank!

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